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May 5, 2021

in sheer plurality

Exhibition Data:



May 5, 2021


May 14, 2021

316 Chino Roces Ave Extension, Karrivin Plaza Chino Roces Ave Ext, Makati, 1630 Metro Manila

About the Event:

As society continues to pursue advancement despite inevitable destructions, humans, ironically, seek to reconnect with nature. 1335MABINI, in two solo presentations, demonstrate the restorative effect of nature and art to provide a sense of normalcy, while acknowledging the mundane and fleeting attributes of modern life. Artists Joseph Tecson and Lee Caces, both sharing interest in the
natural world, using impressionistic and abstracted painting techniques, capture the energy and spirituality, the flow and momentariness, all emanating from nature.

Joseph Tecson (b. 1985), gravitating toward the pictorial image of lush foliage— rendered in lavish and rich textures, drenched in glaring green, and accentuated with hues of blue and yellow— displays a range of pallets alluding to vegetation. The variegated brushstrokes and drips of white melding into the foreground stress an intensified representation of various plant species. Asserting the continual flux and dramatic changes of environmental forces, Lee Caces (b. 1991) employs tender and seemingly weightless application of paint to resonate the motion of waves. The intuitive but controlled strokes suggest a semblance to the pulsating vigor and dynamism observed and inherently experienced in the surroundings.

in sheer plurality exhibition proposes the natural way organisms co- exist and persist in order to survive.

Selected Works
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