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1335MABINI proudly presents CELESTE LECAROZ in a solo exhibition titled “RÉPÉTITIO LECAROZ” from July 30 to July 28, 2021.

Since her art scene debut in 2016, the output of Celeste Lecaroz remains steady, consistent. The need to create with her hands compels her to produce large-scale works in impressionism and spontaneous realism — styles that have been enthralling her audience at group exhibitions and solo shows.

Among her best-known works are the Kobe Bryant “Mamba Forever” tribute portrait that went viral and the paintings of Philippine presidents Manuel L. Quezon and Corazon Aquino; all three were rendered in spontaneous realism style and released to the public domain.

She is the artist behind the paintings that are featured as covers of several San Anselmo Press books, among which include the bestselling Servant Leader: Leni Robredo and Top 20 Changes to the Rules of Civil Procedure & Revised Rules on Evidence, as well as the spontaneous realism portrait of St. Ignatius on the cover of Companions! XJ Narratives. Entitled “Ignacio, Kawal ni Kristo (Ignacio, Soldier of Christ),” this painting will be installed in the Jesuit Curia in Rome in 2022. Also, Lecaroz’s painting of a sunrise is the cover of Penguin Books’ English translation of Lope K. Santos’ Banaag at Sikat (Glimmer and Sunrise).

Lecaroz believes that art is for all so she endeavors to make her art accessible. She places them on permanent display in public institutions; she designs wearable art such as scarves and shoes; and has her paintings beautifully compiled in monographs and giclee prints (available through San Anselmo Press).

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