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1335MABINI gallery in Karrivin Plaza, Makati City, continues its “mission to be a platform for outstanding and innovative art.” First established in 2013 in Manila City, 1335MABINI envisions to empower and promote various artistic practice that identifies with the Filipino consciousness and sensibilities. The gallery, through exhibitions and other format of presentations, aims to facilitate contemporary art discourse for the local and global audience. 

Furthermore, 1335MABINI commits to represent the talents of Filipino and non-Filipino artists who articulate their individuality by exploring themes and narratives that respond to the contexts and conditions of the present time, and possibly the future. In the pursuit of honing both artistic expressions and utterances of the artist, the programs are deeply rooted in visual arts as a practice and, at the same time, tightly tied with other creative disciplines. 

1335MABINI strives to offer a unique but not alienating worldview prompted by the dynamism of art, allowing us to understand the complexities of our collective truths and realities.

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